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The first edition of Segong's Armorial universel was printed in Paris in 1654, and it was so popular that a second edition was printed as early as 1660.
This work is valuable both from the point of view of heraldic art for the 197 plates engraved on copper by Pierre Nolin, and as a witness of the dignitaries, of French and other nationalities, during the reign of Louis XIV, the Sun King: it comprises not only the coats of arms of the royal house, of the aristocracy and the most important French church dignitaries of the time, but also those of the main British and German families, of the cardinals created by Paul V, Gregory XV, Urban VIII and, lastly, by Innocent X Pamphili, of whom a fine papal coat of arms is shown. There are also the coats of arms of the Swiss cantons, of the Iberian peninsular kingdoms and of the cities and territories of the present day Belgium and Holland.
The volume also includes the arms of eminent literary figures such as the Duke of La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680), author of the renowned Maximes, and the Cardinal of Retz (1613-1679), famous member of the French branch of the Florentine Gondi family.
Preceded by a brief illustrated disquisition on the science of the blazon, all the coats of arms are clearly and finely drawn with indications of the tinctures; many are embellished with crowns, supports and crests, some are hung with the insignia of knightly orders such as those of Malta and Saint-Michel, others again indicate alliances by marriage: the end result is an unusually elegant, illustrated treatise on heraldry.
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Armorial universel contenant les armes des principales Maisons Estatz et Dignitez des plus considerables Royaumes de l'Europe
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