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Giuseppe Manara
Storia dell'Ordine di Malta ne' suoi Gran Maestri e Cavalieri
This Storia dell'Ordine di Malta ne' suoi Gran Maestri e Cavalieri was published by the Cremonese patrician Giuseppe Manara as an appendix and sixth volume of the Teatro Araldico by Leone Tettoni and Francesco Saladini printed in Lodi between 1841 and 1851: it founds its main source in a work dedicated to L'Ordre de Malte. Ses Grands Maitres et ses Chevaliers by Nicolas Viton de Saint-Allais (1773-1842) and published in Paris in 1839. This Storia by Manara illustrates the biographies of the Superiors of the Order, beginning with the Blessed Gerard (XI-XII century) and ending with the Lieutnant of Great Master Carlo Candida (1762-1845), and their coats of arms – joined by that of the succesor of the later, Filippo di Colloredo-Mels – are displayed in full colour in eight plates, reproduced in the appendix. They are followed by some chapters illustrating the governance of the Order, with a special attention to the different Langues and dignities, and not forgetting to deal with the proofs of nobility.
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 Index of the coats of arms
Coats of arms of Great Masters of the Order of malta.
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Storia dell'Ordine di Malta ne' suoi Gran Maestri e Cavalieri
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