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Heraldica Helvetica

Heraldica Helvetica
Jean-Barthélemy-Gaïfre Galiffe - Louis-Alphonse de Mandrot
Armorial Historique Genevois
Reprint of the work first published in Geneva and Lausanne in 1859 by John Galiffe (1818-90), a politician and diplomat son and successor in his studies of his father James (1776-1853), a banker and historian, and by the future colonel of the Swiss Army De Mandrot (1814-82): more than 800 coats of arms and some seals are displayed in full colour in magnificent cromolitographic plates, giving a wide display of the heraldry of ecclesiastical and laical dignitaries as of the most prominent families of Geneva, in the episcopal age as in the Calvinist Republic after 1535.
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 List of the coats of arms - Armorial Historique Genevois
A plate displaying coats of arms of Genevese families.
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